United Methodist Women

The Unit, of Duncan United Methodist Women, has a membership of 57 and is comprised of three circles.  Each circle meets once a month at different calendar dates. Three joint meetings are held each year; at which time, one, of the three main programs of mission, is presented.  The Executive Committee meets once a month and is responsible for the business, fund raising activities, membership drives, and the dispersion of mission dollars.  

Mission dollars are divided between local missions, of Georgetown, and the United Methodist Women’s five channels of giving:  Bethlehem Center --Columbia, Bethlehem Center---Spartanburg, St. John’s Rural Mission, Killingsworth, Inc., and Wallace Family Life Center, Bennettsville.   Pledges are taken, at the beginning of each year, and are sent to the S. C. Conference of United Methodist Women.  

The United Methodist Women contribute to other mission programs of the church and include U.M.W. members; as well as non members, in the Reading Program and other activities held by the Unit.  Duncan United Methodist Women invite anyone interested in becoming a member of the Unit to contact the church office @ 546-5647 or Barbara A. Moore --- President

Brief memo on presentation of Mission Pins by the United Methodist Women of Duncan:

On August 24th, the United Methodist Women presented Mr. Gary Clifford with a Mission Recognition Pin as a token of appreciation for his unselfish and loving service.   After joining Duncan Memorial in 2012, Mr. Clifford became a member of the Mission Team, a member of the Board of Trustees, and the chair of the Historic Cemetery Committee.  He has assisted with other projects around the church; such as, the cleaning of the courtyard, the repairing of the windows in the Chapel, the painting of classrooms, the stenciling projects for Miss Debbie’s Kids and several other projects are on the list for the future.  Duncan Memorial is indeed very fortunate to have Mr. Gary Clifford.

Another recipient of the Mission Pin on August 24th was Mrs. Lucille Meany, who was recognized for her generous services to the Duncan congregation.  Mrs. Meany, who celebrated her 94th birthday on September 08th, was the recipient of the Rainbow Woman Mission Pin, presented by Mrs. Barbara Moore, President of the United Methodist Women.  Mrs. Meany is a very talented and dedicated member of the United Methodist Women and of Duncan Memorial.  One of her talents is painting, of which Watercolor is her favorite medium.  Mrs. Meany has just completed the painting for the cover of the United Methodist Women’s Cookbook, which is to be presented this fall.  The pin was presented as a token of love and appreciation for a life well-spent and for the generous services rendered.

Kristen Baer,
Sep 30, 2014, 12:35 PM